Guessing what the client wants is no longer an option! Imagine understanding their feelings as soon as they enter your store. With Connected and Behavioral Analytics this capacity is now a reality.

We have combined the power of artificial intelligence (Ai) , facial recognition and data ingestion in a unique dashboard that provides real-time customer information to better understand your customers behaviors in-store and online.

Our facial recognition cutting-edge technology will alert you when a customer is happy, angry or surprised, and will even point to the products that caused that reaction.

Through images of incoming customers taken from our HD cameras, WIFI analytics and your POS we will make sense of the data that will increase your revenue by personalizing each potential client’s experience.

But that’s not all, our platform will also highlight operational information that can increase productivity and decrease costs.

In other words, the data revolution through CorePLUS will increase earnings and decrease costs improving productivity.

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