Can your business afford to make decisions on yesterday’s information?

Business insights at the speed of data!

Our Ai machine learning Data Fusion Technology utilizes your most valuable amenity, guest WIFI to interact with your customers and inform you of your business operations.

Imagine the possibilities

We provide DEEP personalization through predictive analytics.

Use flight data and weather to predict prospects whos flights have been canceled and send them a targeted message to stay the night at the hotel. Why not?

Customized on-property product recommendations.

Link predictive analytics with geolocation data to deliver effective recommendations on-property and in real time through mobile apps.
Our algorithms can analyze historical data to recognize a customer who enjoys early morning coffee and is likely to travel with his spouse. Using his cell phone location your hotel could send him a mobile offer of buy-one-get-one-free as he walks by the hotel ’s coffee shop in the morning.

On-property uses for analytics and artificial intelligence go beyond promotions and coupons.

Consider the opportunity to dispatch a pre-ordered room-service dinner as the guest enters the lobby, or alert housekeeping that a room is available for cleaning as soon as a guest has departed.

Digital technologies produce a tremendous amount of data for Multi-Family Dwelling Unit companies. But most real estate companies are still in the early stages of developing the advanced analytics capabilities necessary to capture the full potential of this data.

Do you want to be left behind?

Be at the forefront of analytics and business insights in the apartment complex industry and increase your resident retention and acquisition rate with Connected Analytics powered by CorePLUS.

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