Location Analytics

One solution for Connected Experiences, Safety and Security all in one

Location Analytics is our unique solution to enable Connected Experiences, Safety and Security to be done proactively leveraging existing WiFi infrastructure.

Enhance Your Infrastructure and Equipment for Streamlined Operations

Our platform integrates directly with Access points throughout the facility ensuring full connectivity and use of mapping and alert functionalities.

Our technology adds an extra layer of security, giving more visibility into the movement and activities in the facility.


Proactively manage all of your resources

Mapping and location
Trigger based Alerts/ Notifications
Emergency Crisis Button System

Leverage existing WiFi infrastructure, no costly CAPEX

WiFi/BLE Technology
Big Data
QR Code
3rd Party Integrations
Real-time Data

providing valuable Insight into All Activities
within your facility

Unlocking Facility Efficiency: Harness the Power of Location Analytics