Behavioral Analytics

Behavioral analytics

Wouldn’t it be easier to sell your products if you knew how your customers feel?

Capture and utilize behavioral data to analyze and personalize every element of the customer journey.

As retail continues to gravitate towards e-commerce, physical stores must think differently.

Our AI and machine learning technologies allow us to accurately identify customer behavior patterns in real-time.


  • Increase product sales
  • Reduce product waste
  • Provide better customer experiences
  • Understand true campaign conversion rates
  • Improve employee performance
  • Maximize floor plan usage

How It Works:

We capture the customer’s image using IoT-enabled cameras.

We identify the customer’s facial attributes, convert them into a unique numerical identifier defined by over 100 facial vectors and create a customer profile.

We analyze the customer for behavioral and emotional cues as they interact with your
employees and products.

We segment the customer based on your preferences and provide data-driven insights that help increase sales, forecast product demand and personalize the customer journey.

Increase Operational Efficiency

With our technology your understanding of how many customers walked through the door will be perfectly complemented by what were they feeling and how were they reacting to your brand or establishment at any given moment.

Heat Mapping/Floor Plan Usage

Track customer foot traffic across your floor plan to identify hot zones and unused spaces

Optimize floor plan usage and make informed decisions on real estate footprint

Employee Performance Analysis

Track employee performance, emotion and behavior

Monitor service times and quality of engagement

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