Connected Analytics

Connected analytics

We transform your data into actions that drive revenue, streamline operational efficiency and improve the overall customer experience.

Learn how we help hotels take total control of their guest WiFi experience

Today’s organizations often only have “just enough” visibility into their operations. This approach leaves blind spots that negatively impact customer experience and put brands at risk. By integrating and connecting all of your data sources into a single dashboard, Connected Analytics lets you listen to what your data is telling you and keep up with the changing demands of your customers.

  • Provide a fully branded WiFi experience for your customers
  • Gather high quality first party data from your WiFi users
  • Deliver personalized marketing to your consumers/visitors via WiFi
  • Unlimited data integrations – hardware and system agnostic
  • Fully customizable dashboards by user/location
  • In-depth activity reporting

Take Control of Your Organization Now!

Recognize insights and opportunities as they surface and keep pace with what’s happening in your organization.

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