Connected Applications

Unlimited Users

Customizable Views

Unlimited Integration

Single sign on

Favorite Apps

Lightspeed Streaming

Real-time Analytics

Connect your people with the apps and data they need to optimize their workflow processes.

Improve business results by bringing your business, and all the apps and data it relies on, together in one place.

Visualize. Automate. Optimize with Business Intelligence powered insights.

Fast Integration,

Instant Visualization

Designed with simplicity in mind, Connected Analytics rounds out our FLOW Engine and streamlines the process of delivering any app & data all accesible wherever you are via web or mobile.

Access everything with the tools you are already using, regardless of the device or platform you are on. Pictures, videos, documents, contacts, and communications.

– They are all available right where you need them whether they are coming from your local storage or remote cloud services.

Take Control of Your Organization Now!

Recognize insights and opportunities as they surface and keep pace with what’s happening in your organization.

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